In Mexico this weekend, it's 1923
Perhaps in the excitement of the elections in the USA this year, many people are less aware that another presidential election is taking place on the continent - in the neighboring country of Mexico. Campaigning ended on Wednesday, and the election itself will take place tomorrow.

All indications are that Enrique Peña Nieto, candidate for the opposition PRI, is highly likely to win, ending 12 years of presidency by PAN.

A strange sidebar story to the election in Mexico is the 'Ley Seca' - a brief period of prohibition - when alcohol cannot be sold for 24 hours before, and during the voting period. To an outsider, this seems, frankly, bizarre, however since the law has been in place in Mexico since 1915, to the locals, it is normal, and easily avoided anyway by stocking up on Friday...

In fact, the federal 'Ley Seca' in Mexico was repealed in 2007, the year after the last election, and it is currently up to the individual states to determine whether or not they will apply it. The majority appear to have decided to continue the tradition.

One can only hope that weekend tourists in the resort destinations are not too disappointed, and are enjoying their alcohol free margaritas and glasses of water...

Article written: June 2012

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